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Karol Wiszowaty

Kanban vs Scrum: What are the Differences?

Karol Wiszowaty 8 minute read

You decided to go Agile. But what kind of Agile? There are plenty of methodologies and techniques you can apply to be Agile.

Karol Wiszowaty

How To Know If Agile Is Good For Your project?

Karol Wiszowaty 6 minute read

Some say it’s good for everything and that every project should be Agile. All we know is that in the second half of the 2020 Agile is still trending.

Marcin Łowczyński

How Software Development Can Be Agile?

Marcin Łowczyński 5 minute read

You’ve heard this term, but don’t know how flexibility and quickness apply to software development? This article is definitely for you. By the time you’ve re...