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Dawid Grybowicz

Sitecore 10 - Top 10 Features

Dawid Grybowicz 2 minute read

Like all major updates, Sitecore 10 also brings big improvements. Some of them are for developers, some for marketers and some for content editors or DevOps....

Piotr Filipowicz

Cloud Migration Mistakes and How To Avoid Them?

Piotr Filipowicz 5 minute read

Cloud migration becomes more and more popular way to boost your business performance. Digital transformation enhancing technological development in your comp...

Karol Wiszowaty

Kanban vs Scrum: What are the Differences?

Karol Wiszowaty 8 minute read

You decided to go Agile. But what kind of Agile? There are plenty of methodologies and techniques you can apply to be Agile.