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Piotr Filipowicz

My secret technique for project estimation

Piotr Filipowicz 4 minute read

Have you heard about #YesEstimates and #NoEstimates movements? There is a huge debate since 2012 in IT World. Woody Zuill, Vasco Duarte and Neil Killick ar...

Piotr Filipowicz

7 steps to avoid nightmares after Go-live

Piotr Filipowicz 5 minute read

My team has successfully finished the first stage of the “Train Planet” ticket reservation system and installed it on the Production. You can see the resul...

Dawid Grybowicz

Sitecore Forms - create new conditions

Dawid Grybowicz 3 minute read

In my previous post, I have explained how to add your own custom conditional logic. If default options are not enough for you, check out this article.