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Piotr Filipowicz

How to configure JMX in Spring Boot inside Docker?

Piotr Filipowicz 2 minute read

The Spring Boot framework provides the ability to monitor and manage your application by using Spring Boot Actuator. This module is intended to be used for ...

Piotr Filipowicz

How to call AWS API Gateway from the Java code?

Piotr Filipowicz 5 minute read

Introduction A couple of days ago my team had a task to integrate our Java application with Amazon API Gateway endpoints. As you probably know the Amazon AP...

Piotr Filipowicz

My secret technique for project estimation

Piotr Filipowicz 4 minute read

Have you heard about #YesEstimates and #NoEstimates movements? There is a huge debate since 2012 in IT World. Woody Zuill, Vasco Duarte and Neil Killick ar...