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Dawid Grybowicz

Extending Sitecore User Manager

Dawid Grybowicz 4 minute read

Sitecore User Manager is a great management tool which is easy to use. If you are unfamiliar with the panel, it is so intuitive that there is no need for any...

Kamil Moczydłowski

Integrating React Native navigators

Kamil Moczydłowski 3 minute read

React Navigation has become a standard in navigating between screens in the React Native. There are just four basic navigators, with an option to create a c...

Piotr Ostapczuk

Consumer driven contract testing

Piotr Ostapczuk 6 minute read

A few months ago our frontend team encountered difficulties during work with client’s remote backend team. Two groups of people which cannot directly commun...

Łukasz Dziedziul

Signing git commits

Łukasz Dziedziul 2 minute read

Signing git commits can be a life-saver when you have to prove that you (or not) are the author of commits or that a commit was changed by the other person....